Security, security, security

This is my first attempt to blog using my iPhone, so forgive any inadvertent typos. I go to a lot of security conferences, and often I feel like I’ve walked into a different world when attending some. No I’m not talking about a preponderance of black sloganised T-Shirts or a penchant for colored hair amongst the attendees (though those do seem to be part of the tribal uniform for security conformistas), rather I’m talking about the way that security has become fragmented into isolated silos of knowledge. In many cases there is total ignorance of the wider security field, and issues are discussed as if they are discrete and unrelated to a wider and more complex picture. It would be nice to have a more generalist family of security professionals, but I guess the field is now so wide that specialism is almost a must. However, I would encourage other security pros to attend different conferences outside of your own specialist area. You will gain a wider view of the world, and you will surely see some funny T-Shirts too.

Andrew Lee CISSP

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