Linux malware found in screensaver

I hate to say I told you so…actually, that’s not true. In this case, it was sadly obvious that it would happen, but the general attitude of the whole OS/Free Software crowd is still to claim the earth is flat when it comes to Malware.
Interested readers might like to Google my EICAR paper from 2002 called “The Emperor’s New Clothes: Linux and the myth of a virus free operating system”.

There I discussed that the very thing that makes the OSS model work is also its greatest weakness, there’s little control, little QA, and 99% of the time proletariat downloading a package won’t check it (nor would most be competent to), so it’s very easy to insert malware. It’s very likely there is a lot more malware out there lurking in small fringe packages such as the one mentioned in the OMGUbuntu article.
The fact is that with the rise ofthe netbook, Linux becomes a more desirable platform to attack, and at the moment, it’s way too easy. After all, who needs anti-malware software on Linux?

2 thoughts on “Linux malware found in screensaver

  1. jazzy jeph

    “OS/Free Software crowd is still to claim the earth is flat when it comes to Malware” so you don’t have any thing sensible to write then ? I was going to come and listen to you in London but now think you maybe just an MS Fanboy or Troll, i’m sorry if that offends you but your tone offended me. Most malware spreads through user stupidity regardless of Operating System choice.

    1. ALee Post author

      Not sure how it was meant to be offensive, but no, definitely not an MS fanboi, and no, I’m not offended at all. I’ve been into GNU/Linux since around 1995, and to be honest, there really is a huge amount of ignorance about malware issues generally, but particularly in the OS/Free Software community. Very true to say that some malware spreads through user stupidity, but certainly not all, nor even most. Further, user stupidity isn’t limited to the users of commercial operating systems.


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