Schneier Prognostications

I’m afraid I’ve been preoccupied with other things for the past week or two, and I’ve had to keep my blogging down to  a minimum. And this isn’t going to be longest article of my life.

However, the “Hype-free” blog ( is generally worth keeping an eye on, even when an article is just a few links (making this article a link to some links, so I suppose if I was to advertise it in email, it could be described as a chain letter).

In fact, these are pretty interesting links: the first six are “face-offs” between Bruce Schneier and Marcus Ranum on topics such as social networking and security metrics. Additionally, there are a couple of Schneier’s Open Rights Group security talks.

I’m not an uncritical admirer of Bruce Almighty: I take exception to some poorly-grounded and misleading statements he’s made in the context of malware and anti-malware. But he’s on the money often enough (and entertaining enough)  to make these videos worth a look.

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Director of Malware Intelligence, ESET

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