Another Anniversary

As I’ve pointed out elsewhere, it’s been something of a year of anniversaries. And as Mikko Hypponen has pointed out at, around this time ten years ago we were preparing for global chaos as the Millennium Bug bit.

Well, actually, it largely passed me by. The institution I worked for decided that Y2K had no security implications, and in fact wasn’t really an IT issue, so they handed it over to the library to manage, though the IT department still did all the actual work, as far as I remember. In the event, I believe one piece of lab equipment misfunctioned when everything was switched on again after an enforced break over the New Year: not, as I remember, in any critical way, but it was ten years ago.

In fact, my principle memories are of going to bed early on New Year’s Eve and being awoken by a thunderous firework display over East London, and of fielding an awful lot of questions about those Y2K viruses that never turned up. And of being rapped over the knuckles after the event for hinting in an article for an in-house publication that there had ever been any risk of an unforeseen event. It’s always reassuring to work for people who know everything about everything.

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