The Register: “Welcome to the out-of-control decade”

A disquieting article by Rik Myslewski that strikes some deep chords with me. :-/

“Waiting in the wings are corporate entities eager to exploit your personal information, and government agencies watching your every step.”

The issue of government monitoring spends a lot of time under the spotlight, of course, and so it should. (Craig Johnston and I considered some of the law-enforcement issues in an AVAR paper this year, but there’s much more to it than that, obviously.)

But I’m seriously concerned about the consequences of the increasing amount of personal data (good, bad, and purely mythical) available to anyone with a browser (or even a USB port). It’s an issue I’ve had occasion to think about several times recently, and I expect to return to it a lot more in the coming months. For instance:

Also, this quote from the ESET Global Threat Trends report for December: “Criminals and legitimate businesses will mine data from a widening range of resources, exploiting interoperability between social networking providers. Sharing of data in the private sector will be an increasing threat until the need is accepted for more data protection regulation on similar lines to that seen in the public sector, especially in Europe.”

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