Never Mind the Balls: it’s the Unsafe Hex Crystals

A little more crystal balling.

Anton Chuvakin suggests in his Security Warrior blog for today that the ongoing trend for the next decade will be for people to find it ever harder to untangle their real lives from their virtual lives, and that will have serious implications for security.

He says “I think that in the next 10 years these two worlds will be much closer to each other, in both perception and “real” reality. HUGE implications to information security will result.” I’m afraid he’s absolutely right: we already see many examples. It’s not only teenagers who don’t distinguish sufficiently between realworld and Facebook friends.

He makes many other interesting points, but that’s one that is giving me nightmares right now. 

A (reasonably) safe, prosperous and happy new year to you.

By the way, I wanted to offer a free AVIEN subscription for the first person to identify the 70’s reference in the title, but AJ won’t let me. 😉

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