Haiti: a more personal view

Further to Thursday’s blog on the Haiti situation at http://avien.net/blog/?p=349, Jeff Debrosse, ESET’s Snr. Research Director, has put up a blog at http://jeffdebrosse.wordpress.com/2010/01/15/haiti-info-and-update/ that includes some additional resources, as regards both help resources and security information resources relevant to the disaster.

On behalf of AVIEN I’d like to express our sympathy to Jeff, whose father is currently missing in Haiti, and our hope that he’ll turn up, safe and sound, very soon.

Can I also point out that while I’m pleased to include pointers to other resources, as I mentioned in a previous blog here, I do need to be able to verify them? Sorry!

Chief Operations Officer, AVIEN
Director of Malware Intelligence, ESET

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2 thoughts on “Haiti: a more personal view

  1. Jeff Debrosse

    Thanks for helping spread the word, David. The global support for the Haitian people has been nothing short of amazing.

    Searching for my father has been more difficult than searching for the proverbial needle in the haystack. This is the case for most people since the infrastructure has always been below sub-standard. Post-quake, it’s just that much worse…

    We’ll keep the faith and continue the search.


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