2nd Security Blogger Summit

This is an interesting event (of which I only became aware yesterday – thanks, Julio!) taking place in Madrid on 4th February. See:


(It’s in Spanish, but there are plenty of translation tools around nowadays to help with that for non-Spanish speakers.)

Although Panda is organizing the event, the company is being scrupulous about keeping it vendor neutral, so I won’t be attending on this, unfortunately (it looks really interesting).

The thought did occur to me, though, that a forum where independent security bloggers, industry bloggers and the media could discuss issues and approaches would be a Good Thing: a sort of AMTSO for bloggers.

Randy Abrams and I put together  a paper for AVAR last year on “practical, strategic and ethical issues that arise when the security industry augments its marketing role by taking civic responsibility for the education of the community as a whole” that seems quite relevant to that thought.


Maybe I need to revisit it.

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