Happy Birthday Dear Mikko…

Actually, I don’t know when Mikko Hypponen’s own birthday is, but the F-Secure blog is six years old today (the first AV vendor onto the scene).

Makes me feel like a raw beginner. 😉 Though in fact, I was publishing alerts and advisories on an NHS (internal) web site in a blog-like format a year or two earlier, I think. This was before I joined the AV industry, of course (the NHS is the UK’s National Health Service).  However, even the earliest F-Secure blogs (http://bit.ly/cOvLLL) look a lot more professional than those. In my first couple of years at the NHS, I had to generate an advisory in an approved format, generate a PDF, then pass it on to someone else to post it onto a web server. That, of course, was hardly real-time. If  there was no-one around to do it or they were really busy, it might take days or even a week or two. Which was a bit of a problem at a time when fastburning massmailers and virus hoaxes could come out of nowhere and pass through the mail systems like wildfire.

In my previous job, I used to generate text files that people could access via a shell script calling lynx from the Unix command line, accessed from PCs and Macs using telnet or kermit for terminal emulation. Happily, technology has moved on.

Sandbox? We used to dream of living in a sandbox.

Security Author/Consultant at Small Blue-Green World
Chief Operations Officer, AVIEN
ESET Research Fellow & Director of Malware Intelligence

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