My Not-So-Funny Valentine

I’d like to start off with something really soppy and sentimental but my heart’s not in it. đŸ˜‰

Clearly, we can expect more Valentine exploitation as the weekend draws nearer, but some malicious sites have already been flagged. (Apologies to those of you who’ll have seen some of this before at ESET or Mac Virus.)

ESET blogged (well, I did, actually) on “Valentine Scams: Romancing the Stony-Hearted”, listing some malware-populated domains Pierre-Marc Bureau had noted and citing an earlier blog by Dancho Danchev ( that includes quite a few dating scam sites and the like.

A number of us, including my colleague Urban Schrott at ESET Ireland, are seeing Russian bride spam , but when don’t we get that stuff? I guess it goes with being such hunks.

So it’s not surprising that David Marcus, at McAfee Labs, is reporting lots of SEO poisoning: these are some of the terms they report as being used to attract Googlers to malicious web sites:

  • Valentine’s Day Screensavers
  • Valentine’s Day Downloads
  • Valentine’s Day Wallpaper
  • Valentine’s Day Rolex
  • Valentine’s Day eCards
  • Animated Valentine’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day Greetings
  • Valentine’s Day Cupids
  • Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

The McAfee blog is here: 

And I’ve just received a link from my colleagues at ESET Latin America: it’s in Spanish, but includes some images cloaking malicious links, so that you can enjoy some pictures without risking the badware. đŸ˜‰ (Thanks, Cristian!)

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