Linux.Encoder: cracking the crypto

For the Register, Darren Pauli reports Plain cruelty: Boffins flay Linux ransomware for the third time – World’s most determined VXers can’t get a break.

The article refers to the ransomware commonly classified as Linux.Encoder, for which BitDefender has published a decryption utility addressing the ransomware gang’s third attempt to generate ransomware for which the security industry won’t be able to provide a free fix. No cigar this time, either…

Amusing as this may seem, BitDefender’s crypto specialist Radu Caragea rightly points out that:

“Next time, hackers could actually come up with a working version of the ransomware that won’t be as easy to decrypt.”

Sadly, the days are gone when you could rely on the security industry to come up with a way of getting your files back (not that there was ever a time when recovery was guaranteed). Detecting the malware is one thing: too often, recovering files is much tougher. You really need to ensure that you have backups available even if your system is trashed. There are some suggestions on the resources page here.

Adding these links to the resources page, of course.

David Harley


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