Ransomware: decryption doesn’t always cost

Happy endings aren’t nearly as common as I’d wish in the world of ransomware, but David Balaban’s guest blog article for Tripwire offers a few instances where decryption didn’t mean paying a ransom:

Ransomware Happy Ending: 10 Known Decryption Cases

The instances he cites include:

  • Locker
  • Torlocker
  • Teslacrypt
  • helpme@freespeechmail.org
  • Coinvault and Bitcryptor
  • Linux.encoder.1
  • Cryptolocker
  • Cryptinfinite
  • Radamant
  • Cryptolocker2015

Unfortunately, recovery tools are rarely forever, and often the scammer wises up and fixes the holes in his code. So there are many cases where paying up is the only way to get your data back, if you don’t have backups. But before you do pay up, consider Balaban’s advice and ‘describe your problem on computer help forums like Bleeping Computer orMalwarebytes.’ Or, of course, contact the company that makes your security software.

Don’t just assume that the scammers are evil geniuses who can’t be beaten.

David Harley


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