Emsisoft ‘Spotlight on Ransomware’ series

Emsisoft’s CMO Holger Keller contacted me to point out that the company is running a series of ‘Spotlight on Ransomware’ articles. I haven’t had a chance to look at them properly, but the company does useful work on providing ransomware decryptors and you may well find the articles of use and interest. Added to the RANSOMWARE RECOVERY AND PREVENTION page.

The first two articles are:

  • Spotlight on Ransomware: Common infection methods – the writer says: ‘Malware writers and attackers use a variety of sophisticated techniques to spread their malware. There are three commonly used ransomware infection methods that will be explored in this post; malicious email attachments and links, drive-by downloads and Remote Desktop Protocol attacks. It is our hope that we can help you to focus on protecting the areas most likely to be compromised by cybercriminals and to reduce your risk of infection, starting right now.’
  • Spotlight on Ransomware: How ransomware works – the writer says: ‘In Part Two, we will explore what happens once you’ve made that unfortunate click on a link or document, and what the ransomware does to your system to take control.’

David Harley

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