Resources updates, 23rd March 2018

Updates to Anti-Social Media

Updates to Specific Ransomware Families and Types

  • Catalin Cimpanu for Bleeping Computer: City of Atlanta IT Systems Hit by SamSam Ransomware
  • An older article (January) but well worth reading: SamSam – The Evolution Continues Netting Over $325,000 in 4 Weeks
  • ESET on the Atlanta ransomware attack City of Atlanta computers held hostage in ransomware attack
  • My response (not used) to a request for comment: “Lately, quite a few comparatively new security issues have tended to overshadow ransomware in the media: cryptojacking, vulnerabilities relating to hardware and firmware, even privacy issues relating to social media (and especially Facebook). Yet this incident is a salutary reminder that ransomware has not gone away just because it isn’t talked about so much, and there are some examples for which there is still no decryptor available except by the ‘goodwill’ of the criminals. As long as some of the bad guys are making money out of it, the attacks will continue. It should, therefore, still be a priority for organizations and individuals to ensure that their data and systems are safely backed up and that ransomware can’t reach the backups as well as the original files.”
  • Thomas Claburn for The Register: City of Atlanta’s IT gear thoroughly pwned by ransomware – “nasty Data gone with the wind as attacker goes full Sherman”

In other news… Richard Chirgwin, for the Register: ‘R2D2’ stops disk-wipe malware before it executes evil commands – ‘Reactive Redundancy for Data Destruction Protection’ stops the likes of Shamoon and Stonedrill before they hit ‘erase’. Summarizes research from Purdue university.

Updates to Meltdown/Spectre – Related Resources (Microsoft/Windows section)

Updates to Cryptocurrency/Crypto-mining News and Resources

Updates to Mac Virus

  • V3: Apple to fix iOS11 bug that enables Siri to read hidden notifications – “Bug means Siri can be asked to read aloud all your hidden notifications” (Yes, it’s more on that Siri silliness.)

Updates to Chain Mail Check


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