May 5th resource updates

Updates to Anti-Social Media 

Lots of commentary this week on Twitter’s mishaps with our credentials:

The Register: Google will vet political ads to ward off Phantom Menace of fake news – “Mountain View’s Empire Strikes Back against election meddling”

And The Register again, on old favourites Facebook: Time to ditch the Facebook login: If customers’ data should be protected, why hand it over to Zuckerberg? – “How The Social Network and its partners use that info is a total black box”

Updates to Cryptocurrency/Crypto-mining News and Resources

Help Net Security: Organizations should not overestimate the short-term benefits of blockchain

Updates to Meltdown/Spectre and other chip-related resources

The Register: Fresh fright of data-spilling Spectre CPU design flaws haunt Intel – “Chipzilla checking fresh set of CVEs in chip side-channel flaw”

And ESET’s resource article has been updated again: Meltdown and Spectre CPU Vulnerabilities: What You Need to Know

Updates to Internet of (not necessarily necessary) Things

Many of the Things that crop up on this page are indeed necessary. But that doesn’t mean that connecting them to the Internet of Things (or even the Internet of Everything) is necessary, or even desirable, given how often that connectivity widens the attack surface.

Sophos: Half a million pacemakers need a security patch – refers to the FDA-approved firmware patch for Abbot pacemakers. “In September 2016, the company sued Internet of Things (IoT) security firm MedSec for defamation after it published what St Jude said was bogus information about bugs in its equipment … security consultants at Bishop Fox confirmed the validity of MedSec’s findings. The company begrudgingly stopped fighting and litigating and issued security fixes.

David Harley


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