22nd June 2018 resource updates

Updates to Cryptocurrency/Crypto-mining News and Resources

Carl Sigler (Trustwave) for Help Net Security: Why cybercriminals are turning to cryptojacking for easy money. While another article cites a Morphisec report: Banking Trojans and cryptojacking on the rise.

Trend Micro: Drupal Vulnerability (CVE-2018-7602) Exploited to Deliver Monero-Mining Malware

ESET: South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange hacked – “Bithumb has claimed that $31.5 million worth of virtual coins were stolen by hackers”

Updates to GDPR page


Updates to Internet of (not necessarily necessary) Things

[Many of the Things that crop up on this page are indeed necessary. But that doesn’t mean that connecting them to the Internet of Things (or even the Internet of Everything) is necessary, or even desirable, given how often that connectivity widens the attack surface.]

SEC Consulting: TRUE STORY: THE CASE OF A HACKED BABY MONITOR (GWELLTIMES P2P CLOUD) – commentary by the Register: Don’t panic, but your baby monitor can be hacked into a spycam

The Register: Schneier warns of ‘perfect storm’: Tech is becoming autonomous, and security is garbage – “Schneier told El Reg after his speech: “Everybody understands what might happen if your pacemaker is hacked and it delivers a lethal charge, but what if I took over some inter-connected robot toy and tripped you in your house? It’s a little more subtle.”

The Register: Are your IoT gizmos, music boxes, smart home kit vulnerable to DNS rebinding attacks? Here’s how to check – “Fancy website, code emitted – Roku, Google, etc stuff at risk”

Updates to Specific Ransomware Families and Types

Paul Ducklin for Sophos: “WannaCrypt” ransomware scam demands payment in advance! – “The good news is that these particular crooks don’t actually have any malware to back up their threat.”

Updates to Tech support scams resource page

Sophos: Elderly victims conned out of millions by tech support scammer

Updates to Anti-Malware Testing

Updated anti-malware testing resources page

Updates to Mac Virus

David Harley


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