Updates to the ‘(Anti-)social media’ page

Tomáš Foltýn for ESET: How (over)sharing on social media can trip you up. In case you’d forgotten just how many ways there are in which oversharing information can harm you…

The Register: Facebook shells out $8k bug bounty after quiz web app used by 120m people spews profiles – “Facebook has forked out an $8,000 reward after a security researcher flagged up a third-party web app that potentially exposed up to 120 million people’s personal information from their Facebook profiles.” In case you thought Facebook was past all that…

Maria Varmazis for Sophos: Are you happy with this technology that Facebook’s developing? – actually commentary on a story in the New York Times about what Facebook’s patent applications tell us. It seems that there are few aspects of our personal lives that Facebook isn’t  interested in tracking.  Though Maria rightly points out that “these patents are not a product roadmap for Facebook, so it is entirely possible we’ll never see them in action.” Unless, perhaps, FB is encouraged to pursue them by future commercial and political developments…

Also from Sophos:

Facebook and Google accused of manipulating us with “dark patterns” – “In a report called Deceived By Design, the Norwegian Consumer Council (Forbrukerrådet) calls out Facebook and Google for presenting their GDPR privacy options in manipulative ways that encourage users to give up their privacy.” However, there are lots of more blatant manipulations to be seen: in many cases, it’s just a case of ‘let us drop our cookies or miss out on what we’re offering.”

David Harley


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