I’m being followed by a Foreshadow…

Updates to Meltdown/Spectre and other chip-related resources

Dave Lee for the BBC: Foreshadow’ attack affects Intel chips – “Researchers have found another serious security flaw in computer chips designed by Intel…Nicknamed Foreshadow, this is the third significant flaw to affect the company’s chips this year.”

For more details, see the advisory on Intel’s web site. Also:

The Register: Three more data-leaking security holes found in Intel chips as designers swap security for speed “Apps, kernels, virtual machines, SGX, SMM at risk from attack…The operating system and hypervisor-level flaws – CVE-2018-3620 and CVE-2018-3646 – were discovered by Intel’s engineers after they were tipped off about CVE-2018-3615, the SGX issue, by the university researchers.”

Thomas Claburn for The Register: The off-brand ‘military-grade’ x86 processors, in the library, with the root-granting ‘backdoor’ – “Dive into a weird and wonderful ‘feature’ of Via’s embedded hardware chips … A forgotten family of x86-compatible processors still used in specialist hardware, and touted for “military-grade security features,” has a backdoor that malware and rogue users can exploit to completely hijack systems.”

David Harley


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