Three problem IoT areas but self-driving cars look OK

A paper by Saleh Soltan, Prateek Mittal, and H. Vincent Poor, Princeton University, presenting at Usenix: BlackIoT: IoT Botnet of High Wattage Devices Can Disrupt the Power Grid “We demonstrate that an Internet of Things (IoT) botnet of high wattage devices–such as air conditioners and heaters–gives a unique ability to adversaries to launch large-scale coordinated attacks on the power grid.”

Additional commentary:

2. Lisa Vaas for Sophos: Your smart air conditioner could contribute to mass power outages

3. Martin Beltov for Sensors Tech Forum: Potential BlackIT Botnet Attacks Can Bring down IoT Devices  “A group of researchers presented a new concept malware at the Usenix Security Symposium this week called the BlackIoT botnet. It is a theoretical offensive that is still not available as an executable code that can be used in real-world attacks.”  I like the fact that he didn’t mention air conditioners…

Zeljka Zorz for Help Net: IoT malware found hitting airplanes’ SATCOM systems  More in the IOActive white paper here

The Register: Say what you will about self-driving cars – the security is looking ‘OK’  “Black Hat Car hacking wizards Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek have turned their attention to autonomous vehicles – and reckon the security is surprisingly good.”

The Register: Funnily enough, no, infosec bods aren’t mad keen on W. Virginia’s vote-by-phone-app plan “Mobile ballots dubbed ‘horrific’, blockchain reliance questioned … The US state of West Virginia plans to allow some of its citizens to vote in this year’s midterm elections via a smartphone app – and its seemingly lax security is freaking out infosec experts.”

David Harley


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