29th October AVIEN updates

Updates to Anti-Social Media 

Tomáš Foltýn for ESET: Nothing exceeds like excess; or, a lack of privacy in the digital age 
What has the internet brought us? And how does privacy stay anchored in the data deluge of the digital age? Here’s a brief reflection to celebrate today’s Internet Day

Updates to Cryptocurrency/Crypto-mining News and Resources

Lawrence Abrams for Bleeping Computer: Exposed Docker APIs Continue to Be Used for Cryptojacking – “Trend Micro has recently spotted an attacker that is scanning for exposed Docker Engine APIs and utilizing them to deploy containers that download and execute a coin miner. ”

Sophos: Call of Duty players caught up in cryptocurrency theft racket – “According to the Chicago Sun-Times, which has seen the first-hand report from a court filing in Chicago, the FBI alleges that the criminals involved stole more than $3.3 million USD in a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Reputation and Ethereum tokens and that the thieves coerced other Call of Duty players into joining their criminal activities.”

Updates to: Ransomware Resources

Stephen Cobb for ESET: Ransomware and the enterprise: A new white paper
“Ransomware remains a serious threat and this new white paper explains what enterprises need to know, and do, to reduce risk”

David Harley

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