Virus Bulletin Newsletter/new resource page

As already announced, I’m not currently working in the security industry, and therefore not maintaining these resources or posting current security news. Here’s a resource that many of the people who’ve followed this blog will find useful, however, if they aren’t subscribed already.

The Virus Bulletin newsletter is archived here, and there’s also a button for subscribing to the mailing list. A good spread of news and information from VB editor Martijn Grooten.

I’ve added this to a new resource page – essentially, a currently sparse list of places you may find some useful mailing lists and other resources. I don’t promise that it will ever be a major resource…

News/information resources

Over the years I’ve received lots of mail from companies hoping to get some publicity for their products by offering some sort of information resource. Please note that I won’t add such resources unless they’re very good indeed… In principle, AVIEN has always been maintained independently of commercial products, though it was my (now discontinued) association with a security vendor that allowed me to maintain these pages. (However, that company never attempted to influence the content published here.)

David Harley

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