Here’s a link to an article for Sophos by Paul Ducklin on Ransomware evolution: Another brick in the CryptoWall. As you’d expect, good info on Cryptowall specifically, but also links to info on other ransomware. But also a link to a paper well worth your consideration on how ransomware evolved from 2014 to 2015.

And a neat summary by Paul Ducklin for Sophos of the relationship between the Angler exploit kit and Cryptowall: Angler exploit kit rings in 2016 with CryptoWall ransomware. And by David Bisson for Tripwire: Under the Hood of Cryptowall 4.0.

5th December 2015

10th December:

Lengthy analysis by Talos/Cisco: Threat Spotlight: Cryptowall 4 – The Evolution Continues

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