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Devices on the dark side of your network

Infoblox have a very interesting report on What is Lurking on Your Network – Exposing the threat of shadow devices.

In his foreword, Gary Cox says:

“For IT departments, the complexities and security issues around managing BYOD schemes and unsanctioned Shadow IT operations have long been a cause for concern.

“In an increasingly complex, connected world, this challenge has now been exacerbated by the explosion in the number of personal devices individuals own, as well as the plethora of new IoT devices being added to the network.”

More reasons to feel uncomfortable with the unfettered enthusiasm for BYOD.

Commentary/summary from Help Net Security: Exposing the threat of shadow devices: “Employees in the US and UK admitted to connecting to the enterprise network for a number of reasons, including to access social media (39 percent), as well as to download apps, games and films … These practices open organizations up to social engineering hacks, phishing and malware injection.”

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Updates: Facebook, AggregateIQ, and some ransomware resources

Updates to Anti-Social Media 

[4th/5th April 2018]

Updates to: Ransomware Resources

[4th/5th April 2018]

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Resource updates 1st April 2018

Updates to Anti-Social Media 

Updates to Meltdown/Spectre – Related Resources

Updates to Mac Virus


Virus Bulletin paper on ‘app collusion’

Sometimes Virus Bulletin publishes papers outside its normal yearly conference cycle, and they’re always worth reading: New paper: Distinguishing between malicious app collusion and benign app collaboration: a machine-learning approach.

It’s a follow up to this conference paper: VB2016 paper: Wild Android collusions. (Which I missed at the time – I don’t often get to conferences nowadays, though I did present at VB2017 – so I’m glad of the opportunity to catch up with it.)

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Resource updates 21st March 2018

Additions to the new Anti-Social Media page:

Additions to Meltdown/Spectre – Related Resources