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ESET: Key Insights & Key Card Ransomware

ESET’s WeLiveSecurity blog put together an article combining commentary from Stephen Cobb, Lysa Myers and myself: Ransomware: Key insights from infosec experts.

Yesterday, the site also commented on a story – Austrian hotel experiences ‘ransomware of things attack’ – that I also touched upon for ITSecurity UK: Key Card Ransomware: News versus FUD.

David Harley

A Few Interesting Links

Nice commentary by Lysa Myers in SC Magazine. “Facebook’s new wrinkles must be understood”: 



Since this post is likely to find its way onto several twitter accounts and at least one Facebook page in the next few minutes, point taken. 🙂

Also, a paper drawn to my attention by Jose Nazario, with whom I’ve had animated discussions in the past about whether there’s any value in user education.


Incidentally, I happen to think the answer  is yes, there is some value, and Randy Abrams and I put our point of view into an AVAR paper last year:


And a paper on botnets I hadn’t noticed before.  “ITU Botnet Mitigation Toolkit”: 

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