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Bitcoin ATMs, SIM swapping, and Twitter scam bots

Updates to Cryptocurrency/Crypto-mining News and Resources

Trend Micro’s article Malware Targeting Bitcoin ATMs Pops Up in the Underground not only talks about the very interesting ATM malware Trend has analysed, but gives some useful background about Bitcoin ATMs, indicating that criminals are extending their activities beyond cryptomining.

Brian Krebs: Hanging Up on Mobile in the Name of Security  – “An entrepreneur and virtual currency investor is suing AT&T for $224 million, claiming the wireless provider was negligent when it failed to prevent thieves from hijacking his mobile account and stealing millions of dollars in cryptocurrencies. Increasingly frequent, high-profile attacks like these are prompting some experts to say the surest way to safeguard one’s online accounts may be to disconnect them from the mobile providers entirely.” The reason being, in this case at least, that mobile providers are too often tricked by scammers into transferring a victims’ service to a new SIM card and mobile phone in the possession of the scammer, not the victim.

An interesting article by William Suberg for CoinTelegraph: Researchers Reveal Network of 15K Crypto-Related Scam Bots on TwitterNew research published today, Aug. 6, has shed light on the infamous phenomenon of cryptocurrency-related Twitter accounts advertising fake “giveaways,” revealing a network of at least 15,000 scam bots.”

David Harley