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Scammers using Dell support data?

If support scammers are using Dell customer data, as seems to be the case, Dell could certainly be more proactive in warning its customers, despite its own concerns about being seen as vulnerable to external or internal data leakage. But at least they’re now trying to gather info on the issue.

See my article here: Support Scammers Targeting Dell Customers with links to related articles by Brian Krebs, Dan Goodin et al.


… not everyone who is [a Dell customer] has the technical grasp that Krebs’s correspondents seem to have. So perhaps it’s time Dell at least made more effort to notify people using its products (and especially its support services) that scammers may have such data, and that possession of such data shouldn’t be taken as some sort of validation of the bona fides of a cold-caller.

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David Harley