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AVIEN resource updates 3rd August 2018

Updates to Anti-Social Media 

A fascinating article for Quartz by Nikhil SonnadEverything bad about Facebook is bad for the same reason – “Facebook only does the right thing when it’s forced to. Instead, it needs to be willing to sacrifice the goal of total connectedness and growth when this goal has a human cost; to create a decision-making process that requires Facebook leaders to check their instinctive technological optimism against the realities of human life.” Recommended. (Hat tip to Daring Fireball.)

The Next Web: Telegram Passport is already drawing fire for not being secure enough – “Its password encryption could be cracked for just $5”

Updates to Internet of (not necessarily necessary) Things

[Many of the Things that crop up on this page are indeed necessary. But that doesn’t mean that connecting them to the Internet of Things (or even the Internet of Everything) is necessary, or even desirable, given how often that connectivity widens the attack surface.]

US-CERT advised that the FBI published an article on securing the internet of things. US-CERT also flagged the NCCIC Tip Securing the Internet of Things.

David Harley


JBoss Backdoors

Alexander Chiu for Talos looks hard at the JBoss vulnerability: WIDESPREAD JBOSS BACKDOORS A MAJOR THREAT.

Chui observes:

We found just over 2,100 backdoors installed across nearly 1600 ip addresses.

He notes that several compromised systems have the Follett “Destiny” Library Management System software installed, and includes Indicators of Compromise and Snort rules.

US-CERT has issued an advisory.

David Harley