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Privacy, AVG, Facebook, Uncle Roger Thompson and all

My last post (http://avien.net/blog/?p=209) on Roger Thompson’s article about privacy concerns, “public” information and so on raised some interesting discussion.

Ironically (or perhaps appropriately) a lot of it was on Facebook.

I carried on the theme on the ESET blog, if you’re interested. “Your Data and Your Credit Card”, at:


Note that due to a couple of system crashes, a link to Allan Dyer’s excellent article disappeared in the first published version, but is fixed now:


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A Few Interesting Links

Nice commentary by Lysa Myers in SC Magazine. “Facebook’s new wrinkles must be understood”: 



Since this post is likely to find its way onto several twitter accounts and at least one Facebook page in the next few minutes, point taken. 🙂

Also, a paper drawn to my attention by Jose Nazario, with whom I’ve had animated discussions in the past about whether there’s any value in user education.


Incidentally, I happen to think the answer  is yes, there is some value, and Randy Abrams and I put our point of view into an AVAR paper last year:


And a paper on botnets I hadn’t noticed before.  “ITU Botnet Mitigation Toolkit”: 

Chief Operations Officer, AVIEN
Director of Malware Intelligence, ESET





AVIEN tiptoes into Web 2.0

First the blog, then the twitter account, now the Facebook group. I don’t have a clear agenda for the group: to some extent it’s an exercise designed to force me to make more use of Facebook. It’s certainly an opportunity for AVIEN members to leap in at an early stage if they have ideas on how we could make good use of the group. However, it’s open to non-members, too, as I’d like to see more engagement with the public and media, which we’ve pretty much lost lately. Of course, if there’s a feeling that we’d benefit from a group for internal use, we could do that too.

I’ve also put up an AVIEN FB page, but there’s nothing to see there right now.

David Harley